17 January, 2011

The Black Lips and... Mark Ronson?

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Though they have never had the help of a producer before, The Black Lips decided to do something new when recording their new album (this will be their 6th studio album). They made a list of producers they would like to work with and funnily enough, Mark Ronson was one of them (Other producers they wanted to work with included Jack White, Danger Mouse and Dr.Dre). They said his work with Amy Winehouse was "totally dope" and that he would get "the old school way of recording" and the vintage feel they create with their music. He was available, and so he has worked with them on their upcoming album; which I am looking forward to hearing. I didn't think in a million years that this combination would work but according to the video VBS tv made while following their journey, it has worked out to be quite a worthwhile marriage of musical minds.