10 June, 2012

My weekend off.


Before my first day tomorrow and the madness of my internship begins, I wanted to do a post about my lovely three day London weekend. On Thursday night, Carys took me out with her friends from work and we headed to Soho, drank a lot of Pimms, a lot of sambuka, a lot of Red Stripe and ended up in Heaven. We danced to Euphoria, Call Me Maybe amongst other greats and watched the Gay Idol Strip show. It was great but I wasn't really in any fit state to operate a phone so unfortunately I only have a few pictures from our crazy long walk to find a night bus to take us home.

(I think I liked the flags and wanted to take a picture)

We finally made it home at about 5:30am and the next day we lay and felt sorry for ourselves and ate soup and donuts to nurse our hangovers.

Then after we started to feel a little better, Carys showed me around the area, Church Street and Newington Green and Clissold Park where some pretty cute goats live...

Then we watched/swooned over Notting Hill. On Saturday I ventured to Camden and Oxford Circus for a spot of shopping.

Sunday (today) was probably one of the loveliest days ever. We woke up early(ish) and went to Petticoat Lane market where we picked up some bargains including a sparkly phone case, some great pastel blouses for £2!, and some excellent fluorescent and pastel scrunchies. Then we came back to the house where Rosie and her friends had prepared an amazing Sunday roast which was delicious! After enjoying that (and our amazing novelty matching art deco hair clips from the shop across the road courtesy of Rosie's friend), me and Carys went to Hyde Park and hired Boris bikes and went for a ride. It was raining and we nearly ended up in the Serpantine a few times but it was so much fun. We ended up in Kensington, took out bikes back and warmed up with a hot chocolate in Pret a Manger and then came home to a nice slice of apple tart that one of Rosie's friends had made. Lovely. Here's my Sunday in pictures.

(just a little shot of the jubilee flowers in the kitchen)

It's my first day tomorrow and I'm both excited and nervous. I'll be sure to post about how it goes. For now I will leave you with a little picture of my nice, neatly oragnised shoes.