18 December, 2012

HOY Boutique

The past few weeks I modelled for the lovely ladies at HOY Boutique again. They have some lovely lovely finds at the moment, it's definitely worth a look at hoyboutique.co.uk. Here are some pictures from the shoot... (It was pretty chilly hence why I look on the verge of tears in some of these)

16 December, 2012

Four Stories

Four Stories was a competition put together by Intel Ultrabook and W Hotels inviting aspiring film-makers to submit original screenplays that would be assessed by a panel of judges, including Roman Coppola and Eddy Moretti, creative director of VICE. Four scripts were picked and have been turned into ten-minute shorts. They're all totally amazing and you should check them all out here.

It was a toughy picking my favourite from the original videos. I loved them all, but my particular favourite was "Modern Love" - it was written by Amy Jacobowitz and directed by Lee Krieger and it follows the story of a couple who've been in a long-distance internet relationship who meet, finally in a holiday in Doha. But, things don't go quite to plan. The cinematography is so so beautiful, and as well as being fantastically shot, it is perfectly romantic, funny and ever so charming. Have a look for yourself...

And, after being shared enough, Roman Coppola showed everyone how it is done when he released his film for the project - "Die Again, Undead One" starring Jason Schwartzman and Margarita Kallas. It's AMAZING! I really want to be that vampire lady...

04 December, 2012